Teer Media Policy and Gide lines

Shillong Teer Media Disclaimer

Shillong Teer Game is licensed By Government of Meghalaya (India) and Legalized within the State of Meghalaya (India Only). Shillong Teer is a traditional game of the state under a license. These licenses are issued under Section 14A of the Meghalaya Amusements Act 1982.Teer Media Respect Country’s Rules and Regulation. We create Video Tutorials for Batter Understanding of Shillong Teer.
Teer Media Respect KHASI OR Meghalaya Teer Association. We only Provide The Teer Result, Some Forecast common number, house, ending, etc. We never sale or Suggest to buy any Teer number from any kind of sources like Facebook Group, WhatsApp Group or Other Social Media Network.